Fulton County Ransomware Attack

Mar 10, 2024By Kevin G
Kevin G

The Hackers - LockBit

Fulton County, Georgia

In February of 2024 the hacker group ‘LockBit’ successfully infiltrated the Fulton County Tax, Courts, Water, Phones, and Internet systems and demanded a ransom, sending the district into a frenzy.

This is one of many recent attacks on local infrastructure to hit the US lately. In 2023 cybercriminals extorted over $1.1 B in ransom payments from businesses. 

Hacker groups like LockBit exist across the globe to serve their own political, financial, or destructive goals, and to them a local business is nothing more than a pawn. Individual hackers also serve as a serious threat moving forward, as these attackers generally focus on one business, in a ‘spearphishing’ attack.

The Tools

Local Business, SMB, Enterprises, Cloud are not secure on their own!

Phone Call - The most common way an attack begins is with a simple phone call to the office. Most attackers will play the role of a customer in need, who will ultimately send the employee a file that executes the hackers bidding.

Captive Portal - The hackers create a fake webpage, then command your computer to visit it. The portal is custom made to mimic a page the employee expects to see, but captures their credentials in the process.

Walk In’s - Hackers often gain access to infrastructure by simply walking in the door. Most business’s keep the rear of their computers facing clients, allowing easy access to USB ports and more.

MITM - Man In The Middle attacks are where hackers use a special radio tool to place themselves between your internet connection and your computer, gaining access by simply being near your business.

Why Protect YOUR business?

If you’re wondering why you need more than base level antivirus, you are not alone.

Antivirus is not Going to Save You!
At TechBuddies, we whole heartedly know that safeguarding your business is not going to come from simply installing antivirus software and calling it a day. It’s about creating a robust multi layer security system that is capable of taking modern cyber threats to combat.

Compliance Audits & Legal Fees.
In the current tech landscape it’s not if, but when, and how badly will a business be victimized by hackers. You do NOT want to be caught off guard by compliance audits, as this or the legal fee’s associated with it sends most SMB’s into liquidation.

Ransomeware is Everywhere.
We conduct site surveys for new threats multiple times per day, and make multiple backups. You can wake up knowing if your business is ransomed, we will have you back where you left off.

How can I Protect My Business From Hackers?

Hire a professional to create and manage your business IT security. Hiring a professional MSP can come with many benefits including saving you tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to compliance and legal fees, but also save you hundreds of thousands when it comes to hiring an MSP vs hiring a full time IT guy for a local business.

TechBuddies, LLC offers an industry leading MSP product that is currently leading the #SecurePauldingTech initiative, to bring as many SMB's up to modern security standards as possible. Reach out today to find out how TechBuddies can save you hours of headache, and thousands of dollars in your business each year!


Stay Informed and Adapt

The online landscape is constantly evolving, and new threats emerge regularly. Stay informed about the latest cybersecurity trends and adapt your strategies accordingly. Attend industry conferences, read reputable cybersecurity blogs, and network with other local business owners to stay ahead of the curve.

Remember, safeguarding your local business from online threats is an ongoing process. By implementing these strategies and remaining vigilant, you can navigate the cyber jungle with confidence and protect your business's digital assets.